Friday, October 5, 2012

Callie's progress

Callie's walking has improved so much in recent months that it has become common place to see her walk across the uneven grass or the long driveway without falling.
The miracle that this truly is certainly isn't lost on me!
For Callie to maintain balance while walking on uneven surfaces, even at the start of summer, was amazing to see.  Now, it has become normal.

She isn't falling nearly as much as she once did.

She can now even turn and dance on the gravel.  What an incredible blessing!  We praise God for her progress and thank Him for the miracles He performs in her life each and every day.
When I take a moment to reflect back to where she 11 month old baby, who couldn't hold her head up or use her hands...a 2 year old who couldn't stand for more than 5 seconds on her own...a 3 year old who needed a walker for support to go more than 3 steps...a 4 year old, who needed assistance to get her clothes on and off, and couldn't carry anything while walking across the room...
And then look at her now.  She will be 5 in 1 week.  She can dress herself.  She loves to dance.  She can walk on uneven surfaces without her walker.  She can jump and land without support.  She can do forward rolls.  She can climb.  She loves to set and clear the table.  She enjoys helping with the baby.  She can read and write.  She is already independent in ways that we were told she wouldn't ever be for her entire life.
And she isn't done yet!  She continues to get stronger and better at moving.  She has a determination and a drive to keep working towards being able to do even more!  She is such a blessing in our lives!

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