Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big girl night out

It seemed that all the plans I tried to make for my birthday just fell through...

I wasn't about to go to the Sukkot open house I had hoped to make it to because the bus is out of commission...

I wasn't able to go to Birch Bay because things didn't work for childcare and for Christ to take the day off...

This is a pizza fritata and a berry crumble.
Both are gluten free.
So I hung out around the house.  We played games.  We made a new breakfast.  We laughed.  It was wonderful!

Then, when Chris' mom was done running her errands, she came home and watching the younger ones (minus Judah), so I could take just the twins out to go shopping for Callie's birthday.

We went to the American Girl store, for the girls' to get their dolls' hair done (we learned a ton on how to better keep their hair and take care of it)!

We walked around the lego store (the twins are now sure that they can come up with something fun for next year's fair!  Here are some of the things we liked:

Then we grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.
It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday!

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