Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twas the Night Before Serenity's Birthday...

Not knowing exactly what was going on for Serenity's birthday, we decided we would do her birthday dinner the night before...
She had fritata, homemade applesauce, and pancakes w/fruit and whip cream.
It was definitely a hit!
She was being so silly at the table, so I took several pictures of her.

Anna's creativity

Anna really amazed me at what she can come up with!  She made this pattern up herself.  But, shhhh, it is a Christmas present for Callie!  (Isn't Anna a sweet big sister?)

Justice's hernia surgery

Going from counter to counter to check in, we found lots of fun things to see!


And Waiting

And Waiting.

Then it was finally our turn!
Christopher went in with Justice when he was put under.  He got to wear this stylish outfit to do so!
But we still had a bit more waiting before it was actually our turn, lol!
(We had an 11:45 surgery time, but Justice wasn't called back until after 4 pm.  We were later told that he was the only routine/normal case of the day!)

And there they go...

After surgery, Justice did very well!
He was sore for the first day, then he seemed like he was being very careful with himself the second day, but after that, he was ready to go.  The trick for me was to keep him down a bit longer so that he could fully heal.
We praise God for His goodness, mercy and love!  We thank Him for guiding the hands of the surgeon, and for bringing Justice through without any complications.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Me, Myself and Bob

What do you do when it seems as though your entire life's work, your dreams, and your hopes are all crashing down around you?

How do you handle seeing everything you have worked for be torn away piece by piece...and there is nothing you can do about it?

How do you face the fact that you were wrong?  That it was your pride, and lack of knowledge and good advice that brought about the downfall?

All of this and more is answered in the book, Me, Myself & Bob by Phil Vischer.  He writes about the rise and ultimately the fall of Big Idea with a sense of humor and humility.  He takes full responsibility for listening to the wrong advice, not seeking out other opinions, letting others lead when it should have been him, and ultimately tearing down his own company.  He apologizes to his family, employees, and fans.

After explaining the rise and fall of Big Idea, he talks about lessons that he learned.  He admits that along the way there were many opportunities to have turned things around.  Until the lawsuit that Lyric Studios filed against Big Idea, which Bid Idea lost.  That was the nail in the coffin...but had things been going better inside the company, that probably wouldn't have happened.  Phil Vischer says in his book that he now sees much more clearly what happened than while it was going on.  He now understands that he was not waiting on God, that ultimately, he was pushing God's will, rather than waiting up God to show him direction in His timing.

At the very end of the book, Phil also explains that a court of appeals reversed the ruling against Big Idea, but by that time, 2 years had passed, and it was already over.  Bob and Larry were sold.  Big Idea was gone.  And he already had a new studio, called Jellyfish labs.  He named it that because jellyfish are unable to move themselves, they are completely dependent on the current to move them from place to place...just like Phil Vischer now is fully relying on God for direction now.

The lessons are powerful, not just for business, but for life in general!  It was a good read.  He keeps is funny and light while talking about important truths.  This book has made me think through things in my life...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Boys



Getting ready for a party!

I am always excited for Callie's birthday.  Or for any of my children's birthdays for that matter.  But there is something different with Callie.  Each year, we celebrate her many accomplishments...and I am reminded that she really is behind.  You see, when Callie was a one year old who couldn't walk, it was much easier for me than when she was a two year old who didn't walk...the older she got, the more obvious it was to me that she "should have" been doing something more than she was.
Then we come to this year.  She is doing so well, I don't even have the slightest bit of this feeling!  I really do not feel that she is very "behind" this year.  She is walking, talking, reading, writing, jumping, somersaulting, and most importantly, LAUGHING!  She has the best spirit!  She works so hard for her mobility, and does it with a smile.  It is something I am working on learning from her example right now.
Here she is after her nap, when she first saw her cake, which we will have tomorrow at her family party.
And here is the cake.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I am so excited for all that you can do, and all you are learning.  I am thrilled to have your example of dedication and your influence of a positive attitude, even when things are hard.  It was my pleasure to take the time to make you a special cake for your special day!

Getting the mail...

I probably should have waited until all four of them were doing this, but the 4 olders have been waiting for the mail each and every day.  (Today, the middles were too busy playing with bubbles, lol!)  They are all waiting for their fair winnings checks to come in.  They should be here "By Oct. 31st." (Last year, it was like the 29th, of Oct.)  So they are eagerly checking.  Everyday.  As soon as the mail comes...they might be a bit excited, lol!


Today, we tried this:
And ended up with this:

Big girl night out

It seemed that all the plans I tried to make for my birthday just fell through...

I wasn't about to go to the Sukkot open house I had hoped to make it to because the bus is out of commission...

I wasn't able to go to Birch Bay because things didn't work for childcare and for Christ to take the day off...

This is a pizza fritata and a berry crumble.
Both are gluten free.
So I hung out around the house.  We played games.  We made a new breakfast.  We laughed.  It was wonderful!

Then, when Chris' mom was done running her errands, she came home and watching the younger ones (minus Judah), so I could take just the twins out to go shopping for Callie's birthday.

We went to the American Girl store, for the girls' to get their dolls' hair done (we learned a ton on how to better keep their hair and take care of it)!

We walked around the lego store (the twins are now sure that they can come up with something fun for next year's fair!  Here are some of the things we liked:

Then we grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.
It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Callie's progress

Callie's walking has improved so much in recent months that it has become common place to see her walk across the uneven grass or the long driveway without falling.
The miracle that this truly is certainly isn't lost on me!
For Callie to maintain balance while walking on uneven surfaces, even at the start of summer, was amazing to see.  Now, it has become normal.

She isn't falling nearly as much as she once did.

She can now even turn and dance on the gravel.  What an incredible blessing!  We praise God for her progress and thank Him for the miracles He performs in her life each and every day.
When I take a moment to reflect back to where she was...an 11 month old baby, who couldn't hold her head up or use her hands...a 2 year old who couldn't stand for more than 5 seconds on her own...a 3 year old who needed a walker for support to go more than 3 steps...a 4 year old, who needed assistance to get her clothes on and off, and couldn't carry anything while walking across the room...
And then look at her now.  She will be 5 in 1 week.  She can dress herself.  She loves to dance.  She can walk on uneven surfaces without her walker.  She can jump and land without support.  She can do forward rolls.  She can climb.  She loves to set and clear the table.  She enjoys helping with the baby.  She can read and write.  She is already independent in ways that we were told she wouldn't ever be for her entire life.
And she isn't done yet!  She continues to get stronger and better at moving.  She has a determination and a drive to keep working towards being able to do even more!  She is such a blessing in our lives!

American Girl Doll Store

In a word: WOW.
It was so over the top that it was kind of like Disneyland, lol!
This is Anna's favorite display.
For the first time, she told me she is too old to have her picture taken...she really is growing up!  When did that happen?!
They had rows and rows of displays and everythingyou could possibly want for your doll!
Serenity loved all of the dolls and this cute little wagon.  She wasn't so impressed with the displays that couldn't be played with, though.

Josephina is Ashley's favorite.  She is hoping to be able to buy her with her own money when her fair earnings come in.
 We ended with some time to run and play for the little ones!

Justice goes to the doctor

Even though we have 8 children, we do not go to the doctor very often.  This is the first time J remembers going to the doctor.  He thought it was lots of fun!  He was going to see a radiologist at Children's Hospital about some issues of a personal nature that he is having.

Oh, yeah, he has a bandaid on his head because he was so excited about looking at the walls, that he didn't see a table and ran into it.  He didn't get very hurt at all, but the nurse asked if he wanted a bandaid...of course he said yes!

We did do more than just play at the hospital (though J was particularly fond of the turtles on this trip!).  The doctor said he definitely needs this issue cleared up, so he is scheduled for surgery on this coming Monday, October 8th to fix his hernia and testicular hydrocele.