Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So thankful for kindness and mercy shown to me today!

What a blessing to have found such wonderfully kind and helpful road workers!
Since I was running a 'real quick' errand to drop off our declaration of intent (DOI), and everyone was working well on what needed to be done, I decided to leave the children at home...I got the DOI turned in no problem, and was on my way home, when they detoured me around on Old Owen Rd...about a 15 minute detour, but I could still come home the other way.

When I got to the other side, I found that all of hwy 2 was closed due to a fatality.  I spoke with the man who was making sure no traffic got through.  He said it was an accident right at fern bluff, and he couldn't let me through.  He did let me use his phone (I left mine home for the children), to let them know I would not be home for a bit.  I was only able to tell Bailey that because there was an accident, I wasn't able to get home as soon, and to just keep on task before he had a call come in.  But it was enough.  I felt better knowing they were aware that I would be longer.  I waited for him to be done with his call, to ask if I could go back around and walk home from there (only about a mile, where as from that side, it was 5 miles away).  He said that I could try it.

On the other side, I decided I would park and try to walk w/o talking to the road workers...better to ask for forgiveness case, I figured.But the worker came running up to me to see what I was doing.  I explained that I left for just a few minutes to run an errand, leaving my children, including my newborn home, and really needed to get back.  I told him that I understood that the road is closed due to an accident, but I would like to try to walk down to Fern bluff.

He told me to go get back into my car, and he would let me go around on the south fern bluff and that I could then go across the street to my side of Fern Bluff!

What a blessing to have found such wonderfully kind, compassionate workers who understood my need to get home and were willing to do all they could to help.  I pray that God would bless them in a special way today for their kindness.

In total, I should have been gone for about 20 minutes.  It turned into more than an hour by the time I made it back home.  When I got there, Judah was still sleeping, I was able to share the praise and blessing that these road workers were with everyone and Anna said, "You weren't gone very long, actually it was very short!"

And to make it even better - while I was gone, everyone stayed on task and got lots of school done.  What a blessing to see God's hand at work and His blessings on our day!  God is so merciful to work things together the way that He does!


  1. I am not in the least surprised! You have wonderful, well behaved, intelligent kids and I would trust them totally! You are truly blessed!

  2. Wow, that is the third fatality on highway 2 in less than a week. People are driving horribly lately. Stay safe!