Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!

Yesterday was the day that we got the girls' fair entries (except for the baking entries, which just get thrown away) and ribbons.  It has taken me quite some time to get all the ribbons labeled with what it is for, whose it is and the year, and ready to be put up.  The girls want to put them (and last year's ribbons) up in their room along the ceiling...I think they want to do some sort of 'fair decor' theme for their room - to the best of their ability without being able to remove the border or paint, lol!  They are just able to put things up, as long as it isn't going to put to many holes in the wall, that is!
Getting organized...I had to lay out all of their pick up tags, and put them in order according to the department...
Giving us quite a stack to work with!
Here is part of the procession it took to get everything in from the car!
Ashley and Brianna wasted no time in ripping the animals off their displays so they could play pretend!  They have been talking about this for MONTHS now - Ashley even asked if she could skip taking her project to the fair so she could just play with it, lol!  Even before we has everything in from the car, they thought they would sit down and play - after taking this picture, they were told to help bring everything in first, lol!
Bailey's chicken educational display, that I didn't get pic of before taking it to the fair.
Anna's log cabin display - that I didn't get a pic of before
it went to the fair.

This is a pretty impressive display if you ask me, lol! 
Great job girls!  We are so proud of all the hard work you put into your projects!
Totals: 12 special, 7 merit, 74 b (blue), 15 r (red), 7 w (white)
Anna 5 special, 6 merit, 25 b, 2 r, 4 w
Bailey 4 special, 24 b, 5 r, 2 w
Ashley 2 special, 1 merit, 11 b, 4 r, 1 w
Brianna 1 special, 9 b, 3 r
Callie 5 b, 1 r
Anna's ribbons go from her big green special rosette on the upper left, all along the 2 rows of ribbons, stopping at Brianna's big pink rosette.  Brianna's ribbons are to the right of her big pink rosette.  Bailey's ribbons are next to her name, from the big green rosette and include all of the ribbons in the 2 rows that go out from there.  Ashley's are from the big tan and brown rosette and go out to her name.  Callie's ribbons go from her name to the 2012 sign.

Anna and Ashley gathered up the ribbons on a string so that we can display them along the top of the walls in their room.

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