Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pacific Science Center - King Tut

We were going to do a big study of American History this year, but since we were unable to go on vacation, I decided to start over with the ancient history curriculum that I have, just so I could really make the most out of this field trip opportunity to go see King Tut!

I has been a bit of a stretch to get up to King Tut in History before the tour, but after having everyone be 'up to speed' on ancient Egyptian civilization, it was worth it!

Then we got to see other things at the Science Center...

The over sized table
Outside Water Play:

Grandpa Pence said he really enjoyed watching the children play
with the water stuff, and then hear their reasoning on what was
going on or happening...which made me smile, since his
profession was a hydro physicist.


Inside games, demonstrations and experiments:
While both of the twins are putting out a lot of electricity,
Bailey is putting out more because she is on the adult bike,
which is set to require double the energy output as Anna's bike!

J really enjoyed watching the Ferris Wheel and the roller coaster!

This new exhibit certainly entertained my older girls for quite
a while - they had a lot of fun distorting their images!

J liked to see the different things set up in the microscope.

Callie liked trying to match the tones.

Everyone enjoyed playing with the balls on the big funnel!

The tide pool was also a big hit!

The butterflies are always a favorite at the Science Center!

My littles playing on a giant caterpillar!

Callie was really impressed with the decor...
Big butterfly kites near the ceiling

Anna was really getting into identifying the butterflies!

And a fun time was had by all!
 What a fun day!  And what a blessing that Chris was able to get the day off, his dad was able to come, and bring his grandpa!


  1. What a wonderful outing and some GREAT photos!! Here is a pic of me that I took when I went to the museum and they were showing King Tut! We didn't get in to his exhibit, we went to the bodies one (the plastification one) instead, which was incredibly cool!!! I think Bri might get a kick out of the pic ;)

  2. How awesome that you had so much help with Chris and your father-in-law coming along. It was awesome to see grandpa Pence out and about too! What great day!!