Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is there anything more precious?

Is there anything more precious than a baby's first smiles?  Here are the first and second smiles I have caught on camera.  And praying that we have many more with this precious little guy!

I love how it looks like he is waving 'hi' in this one, too!
On one hand, I can not really even imagine life without Judah being here...but on the other hand, I can hardly believe that he is going to be 2 months old in just 3 days!  He is such a content, laid back, easy going little guy.  he loves to be held and to watch the activity going on around him.  He is a great nurser, too!  I am looking forward to seeing what his weight is on Friday.  Judah is such a blessing to our family!  The older girls enjoy dressing him up, holding him, showing him different things around the house and yard, and talking to him about all that they will teach him!
"Look, Mommy!  We are twins!"
Justice explained to me.
I found this outfit of Justices (with new tags still on it!) at a 2nd hand store.  Chris' mom found Judah's outfit (just as new looking!) at a garage sale!  I am having just as much fun dressing up the little boys as I always have dressing up my girls in matching outfits!
I love the way they were looking at eachother.
 I am still amazed by the thought that I have 'boys' (plural)!
Aren't they cute?!  Justice is really loving having a baby brother.
 We praise and thank God for the gift that Judah has been to everyone.  What a precious gift that each child truly is!

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  1. What ADORABLE photos of your little men. Justice is such a GREAT big brother. I love the "twins" overalls they are wearing.