Monday, September 10, 2012

First day of school pics

While we are still enjoying a great deal of harvest from our garden, things are beginning to die, the sunflowers are drooping...
That and the increasing wind, leaves beginning to change colors, and cooler temps are a big reminder that fall is on its way.  And with it has come a lot of "first day of school" pics.  It occurred to me this year that I have never taken any such pictures of my girls - unless you count the first time volunteering pic I took last month of the twins.
So here you go...a first day of school pick from a homeschooling family - hair messy, dressed in pj's, hanging around reading books and working on home ec projects (ie, next year's fair projects...) really just enjoying our time together!
Had I thought about it, I would have posted a pick of everyone looking out the window at the passing school buses...The picture would have included Brianna's tear stained face, as she is really upset that so many children are not able to stay with their families during the day and are not taught about God in all of their school studies.  So blessed by their tender hearts!
We did start out the first day of public school with some time in prayer for all of the children who are being educated away from their families. 
This really isn't a first day of school picture for us, as we kind of school year round - it just looks different in the summer, and focuses more on the fair, home-ec, gardening, and learning about animals.  But it is a common time for the back to school pics, so we decided to do it, too!
Now to get my declaration of intent to provide home based education (a form) turned in, to make us LEGAL homeschoolers...I have until Friday, and this is the very latest I have ever turned it in.

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