Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beta - by request

Beta is a 24 year old Lilac Crowned Amazon.  My grandparents purchased him from a bird farm and brought him home at 2 months old.  His parents are named Alpha and Omega.  So my grandparents chose to keep with the Greek letters theme. 
His feathers do not lay right at the moment, because he decided to fly off of this perch (he was startled), while we were scrubbing his cage and letting it dry in the sun.  I am leaving them there, since they are not blood feathers.  Eventually, he will lose those feathers, and in the meantime, they will keep him he is just going to look a bit funny for awhile!
(Beta doesn't fly well because he was never taught to fly by his parents.  He looks like a poorly thrown football in the air.  He forgets to bring his legs up, so his 'landing gear' is flopping around as he goes  He has a great deal of trouble gaining altitude, though sometimes, he can.  And he tends to run into things...lights, furniture, walls, windows, pretty much anything in his way, lol!)

1 comment:

  1. Hey pretty boy! So glad to finally meet ya! What a family that you own, you're one lucky bird! I have 3 of your 'cousins' here in Sweden, maybe some day we'll get to meet in person!

    Thanks, Michelle, he's gorgeous!