Sunday, August 12, 2012

What's all the fuss about?!

Shouts of, "Mom!  Mom!  Look! Come look at this!  Check this out!  Look what we found!"  and much more all jumbled together as the older girls came running towards me as I was trying to get dinner finished up.

They found the first egg from our chickens on Friday!

Then yesterday they found 2.

And so far today, they have found 2 more!

The girls have been so excited about the eggs that they have been jumping up and down, yelling and showing anyone who will look!  I am pretty sure it sounded to the neighbors like we had just won the lotto or struck gold or oil or something.  I love my children's excitement!


  1. Our's started laying a week ago yesterday. We got two eggs the first and second day and then one egg each day since. We have two that are laying right now and two who should start laying in 2-3 weeks, as they are a little younger (although we didn't know when we go them.) They taste SO yummy!!! It is VERY exciting to find that first egg!

  2. THAT is SO coooooool!!!! I want chickens, dangit!!! I'm jealous!