Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Too many sisters???

Justice recently got a couple pairs of new (to him) pants.  I asked him to get some pants out of his drawer while I was getting Serenity and Judah dressed.  I hear him open the drawer, then he gasped.

"Oh, WOW!  Look at this!  Wowee, wowee, wowee!  These are so cute!  I love these.  Look at these cute pants!  Look how cute these are!  Can I wear them?  I love these!  Look, Mommy, look at these!  Do you like them?  I like them!  These are just so cute!" He said, and kept going on and on for about 2 minutes, lol.

And what cute pants was he talking about?

Here they are:

At least the pants themselves are not girly, lol!

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