Sunday, August 19, 2012

the end result

Here's the fair entries, almost all packaged and ready to go.
 I look at the above pic and think, yeah, it is a lot, but it doesn't seem like SO much until I Look at the following pics...which are all why we are having a big Pence Party today, lol!

Everything is wrapped up still, making it hard to tell what you are really looking at, but I think it gives enough of an idea, lol!

My girls have been very busy!  I am so proud of how well they have stuck it out and worked hard to make things the very best they could.  We had 3 items that they had to re-do because they just didn't turn out well enough, and they did it with a great attitude!

My twins even stayed up until 11:30 helping to get things cleaned up!  Thank you so much Bailey and Anna!


  1. I bet Grandpa was REALLY happy to help eat the "extras". Great job, Ladies!!!