Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Serenity loves to share with Judah

Serenity seems to be convinced that Judah must have a doll to play with.  She will snuggle her baby doll up next to him where ever she finds him.  And if she can find a blanket (even in this heat we are having), she will cover Judah and the doll up together.  On one hand, it is pretty cute and sweet - on the other, we have to watch her very closely as she has a tendency to not realize she can't cover up Judah's face, lol!

In this pic the doll was safely next to him, but Serenity really wanted to put my 'rainbow pillow' (as we call it - it is actually a nursing pillow) around him...She was trying to copy what I do to make sure someone knows he is there and doesn't sit on him when he is on the couch...like this.

She absolutely LOVES being a big sister and helping out anyway she can with Judah!  She loves to hold him and give him hugs and kisses.  She is always making sure he has a clean diaper and a blanket to be wrapped up in.  I really enjoy seeing how sweet, gentle and caring she is with him!

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