Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pence Party

As you can see in the last post, we had a lot of sweets.  So we decided to invite the extended Pence family over to help us eat them!  It was also a birthday party for Grandpa Pence, and a meet Judah party.
Aunt Valerie holding Ryven (3 months) and Gerard holding Judah (6 weeks).

This picture gets some explanation and stats to go with it:
Grandpa Pence had 8 children (7 of whom survived to adulthood); 6 boys and 2 girls (one of the girls died as a toddler).
He has 26 grandchildren; 14 boys, and 12 girls.  Only 2 of those boys do not have the Pence name.
Of those grandchildren, 13 are married (6 boys, (all Pences) and 7 girls), 11 of them have children (6 boys, 5 girls).
There are 30 great grandchildren; 8 boys and 22 girls.  Of those boys, only 4 of them have the last name Pence, and all of those boys were born in the last 3 years!  Justice is the oldest boy in this generation that has the last name of Pence.  Grandpa Pence's granddaughters have had sons, but Christopher was the first of his grandsons to have a son!  In the above picture, starting in the front middle, there is Grandpa Pence, then his sons, (from left), Jann, Shannon and Gerard, then in the next row (from left) James with his son Kai (2 1/2 years), Chris with his sons Justice (3 years) and Judah, and Evan, with his son Ryven.
Aunt Susan with Judah

Opening out the treats table, Grandpa Pence was scouting out what he wanted, while Uncle Jann (affectionately named faux-pa) was waisting no time getting started!

Uncle Steven took his job as a taste tester of what his great nieces did very seriously!
So, most of the 30 people who were here, made at least 2 trips through this line (and had full plates)...then we sent stuff home with everyone...and we STILL have this much left over.  Next year, we are going to have to invite more people over, lol!
All in all, it was a fun end to a very busy weekend!  I didn't sleep well that night, I kept thinking through where the entries were, what we still had left to finish up (typing out the recipes used and putting them with each item), and getting them to the fair...but the next night - after we were completely DONE entering all of the girls' things, I slept VERY WELL!  It was a much needed good night's sleep.  I don't think I have been sleeping well since starting to get down to deadlines for the fair!  It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that everything is turned in!

We spent yesterday getting some odd things done, like going through drawers and cupboards, and really having a low key day!  It felt very good!  I told the girls to enjoy it as 'normal school' starts back up next week!

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