Thursday, August 9, 2012

Judah is 1 month old already!

Since our highchairs can recline, Judah
can join us at the table during mealtimes already!

Judah is 1 month old already.  I can hardly believe it has been so long.  Where does the time go?  He is such a content, alert, easy-going baby!  He rarely cries, loves to be held, and is doing a great job nursing!

Here's my boys, hanging out together...Why was concerned
that they would be too far apart in age to be good friends, lol!
Everyone is enjoying time with baby Judah - but I have been slacking a lot in the picture taking department.  I hope to get that corrected right away!

1 comment:

  1. Now, who does Judah look like!?! He looks different than J and of course, doesn't really look like the girls either. Who do you all think he resembles? He sure is a cutey. I love the picture of both of the boys together. They will be best friends, you can count on it!