Monday, August 6, 2012

Fire in the garbage - again!

It happened again, lol!

This time, I was out with Bailey and Ashley, taking Judah to a check up...we stopped at Ben Franklin for some white yarn for Bailey's project...

There were three women throwing away empty cups in the garbage, when one reached in saying, "This seems to be on fire!" She pulled out some newspaper that had just a slight glow starting at one end.  She waved it in the air, causing flames to come out of it.  She dropped it back into the garbage and threw her ice onto it...which didn't seem to phase the flames at all.

The three women, then decided they had done all they could and to get out of there...

Meanwhile, Ashley and I were just getting out of the car (Bailey wanted to wait in the car with Judah), so we ran inside to tell a manager and get a fire extinguisher.

The woman behind the counter listened to me tell her there was a fire in the garbage outside, that there wasn't an immediate danger or need to evacuate at all, but we do need a fire extinguisher quickly.

She then got on her walkie talkie, and called for a manager...I saw the fire extinguisher behind the counter.  I went back and grabbed it.

the manager was talking to someone, within sight of us.  so the woman behind the register decided to yell towards her that we need her NOW.  By this time, I had the fire extinguisher and was on my way out the door.

The manager caught up with me about the time I made it to the garbage can.  She took the fire extinguisher (which I had a much easier time of getting ready to use this time around!) and put out the flames.
Here is the aftermath - the first chance I had to take a pic!
There were may thanks to Ashley and I, we went back in, got our yarn, and got out as fast as we could before they decided we needed to make a statement.  All I could think of is how exactly would I explain to the police that really, I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and found garbage cans on fire at 2 different businesses in Monroe...(The theater was the other fire back in January.)  It just seems suspicious, lol!

Ashley and Bailey kept saying that they had always wondered what that looked like and were glad they got to see it for themselves, lol!  Love my funny girls!

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  1. That is so funny! I have yet to witness a flaming trash can. Lol!