Sunday, August 12, 2012

Better fine arts and photography pics

I felt bad for the jumbled, and disorganized photos I posted of the girls' fine arts photography here are some better ones!

Bailey's work

Ashley's work

Brianna's work

Bailey's work
Callie's work
Even after looking over the forms time and time again, I somehow missed that photography was only accepting entries on Friday...I thought all departments were accepting entries on Saturday.  I realized my mistake when we were on our way there.  I was hoping and praying for any chance to get their photos entered.  But I couldn't even find anyone to ask!  Fortunately, the department superintendent's phone number is listed on our forms.  I called and she was willing to meet me at the fair grounds to turn in their work!  So by God's grace, we were able to get them in.

We have successfully entered 63 entries so far this year.  We have 6 educational displays that we will turn in on Saturday, and our baking entries are due the following's hoping for some good placements and some wonderful constructive critism from their projects!

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