Monday, August 6, 2012

Beef - It's what's for dinner!

This is the commercial that I thought of as we were putting the meat in the freezer...

We got a call last week, saying our hanging weight came to 856 pounds.

I knew 850+ pounds was A LOT of beef.  But I really couldn't picture or imagine it...

Then we went to pick it up.

They said they would bring our meat to the bus.  They brought out this huge cart w/13 bins, all filled with our cows.  It looked like a whole lot at this point.

Christopher and I were very grateful that his dad packed so many boxes for us.  (I had thought it was more than enough - turns out we could have used 1-2 more!)

Then we got it home, and started to put it away - and it looked like even more, lol!

We now have not just one, but TWO freezers FULL of beef!


This should have been the last post I made today based on when things happened, but I thought I would put the posts about the cows and the meat they provided for us together.


  1. That should last you for a few days!! hahahah!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of beef!!!

  3. Grill party at the Pence house this weekend!!! I'll bring the Swedish chocolate sticky cake for dessert!

  4. May God keep your freezers and refrigerators running STRONG! And may He keep the electricity on! Amen!