Thursday, August 30, 2012

How has the garden grown?

The girls have worked hard on our garden this year.
Last night, we enjoyed a quiche, that had carrots, broccoli, zucchini and onion that we grew, along with home grown eggs!  It was wonderful!  The color, texture and taste were really amazing!

In the background, you see the Sunflower fort (w/some toys
in it), in the foreground, you see the broccoli, and carrots.

On the far left, you can see that our zucchini have just taken off!

bell peppers

We are harvesting the first of our beans tomorrow for dinner!

Anna says we have exactly 200 ears of corn for us to enjoy in another week or so!

Serenity loves to smell everything in the garden!

Our squash bed, where we have ornamental gourds, pumpkins, sweet pumpkins, and various squash.
This is one of the 2 beds we started by letting our chickens eat everything down and do some initial fertilizing.

All of the pictures are courtesy of Anna!  Thanks for taking some pics for us!

Cowboy Dress Up

I really love that my older children enjoy playing with their younger siblings.  Anna played dress up with Justice, helping him to become a little cowboy with different things we had around the house - Didn't she do a good job?!  I am thinking we need some 'boy dress up' for Christmas...cowboy, fire fighter, police officer, train engineer, and whatever else we can come up with!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's the Day!

Today's the day we got to go to the fair, and see how the girls did with most of their entries...
Sorry, I can't get this one to rotate!
Everyone was very excited to see their entries.
Admiring the girls' work...
Watching Scott Peterson's Reptile Show.
Brianna was chosen to come up and hold the albino
python during the show.  She was very excited about it!
Callie wasn't so sure about such a big snake!
Serenity wasn't so sure about ANY of the snakes, lol!
Scott Peterson with his monkey lizard.
This lizard is really quite amazing to watch climb!
 Lots of walking done by all today!
Callie used her walker about half the time today.
But she kept picking up all 4 wheels while
walking and turning, especially early on in the day!
Checking out animals.
This was a HUGE cow!
The fair is exhausting for everyone - but most especially my littles.
Poor Serenity was super tired before we even got to the fair!
This little lamb is just 1 week old today!
All of my children were drawn to a baby anything at the fair today!
Callie is such a trooper!  She found a hill, and went
up and down several times.  She makes sure to get some sort
of therapy in each day, lol!
Watching Aztec Dancers.
Their traditional costumes were amazing!
Even with heavy traditional garmets on, these men really put out a lot of energy!
The oldest man on their team is 65 years old!
Watching the Lumber Jack show.
Log Rolling
Spring Board Chopping - considered one of the hardest events
in the sport, because the lumber jack has to be able to
chop over both shoulders.
This is one of my favorite parts to watch!
It is a race from the ground, up a 70 foot pole,
where they ring a bell, and then back down
to the ground...and it is over in about 11 seconds!
 It was a very long day.  With no naps for littles and lots of activity.
We were glad to finally be back home!
Oh, and for those who are interested in the numbers (and don't want to have to read the small print in the picture of my spreadsheet, lol!)...
Anna earned 24 blue ribbons, 2 red ribbons, 4 white ribbons, and 7 special awards.
Bailey earned 22 blue ribbons, 6 red ribbons, 1 white ribbon and 2 special awards.
Ashley earned 11 blue ribbons, 4 red ribbons, 1 white ribbon and 2 special awards.
Brianna earned 9 blue ribbons and 4 red ribbons.
Callie earned 5 blue ribbons and 1 red ribbon.
We are so proud of the hard work our girls put into their fair entries!  Way to go ladies!  Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Precious Moments

Justice was in my room helping with Judah while I was making the blog posts earlier today.  It was absolutely priceless!

I wouldn't trade being home for these moments for anything in the world!  I am blessed beyond measure!

First day to volunteer

The twins had an opportunity to volunteer at the Fairgrounds today to help set up educational displays.  As homeschoolers, this makes kind of a special first.  It is the first time they are going away for a just like most moms take pictures of 'first day of school,' I took a picture of them today!
Ashley was sad they were going, and trying to distract herself from thinking about it.  In the process, she was being pretty cute riding the caterpillar (who recently got some new eyes) - so she got her pic taken, too.

Callie was devastated that her twins were leaving...she stood at the door, crying for about 10 minutes.  (I was home with the younger 6, while Grandma took the twins to the fairgrounds.)
Brianna seemed to rather enjoy being one of the olders!  She took great care of Judah while I saw the twins off for their first day away from the family.

 While this is not the first time they have been away from the family to do something, it is the first time we were just dropping them off somewhere, and a first that they were 'working' for someone outside of the family...I feel like my little girls grew up just a little bit more today.  Definitely a bittersweet moment for this mama!

*The twins are back home now, they had a great time.  They got to help do lots of different things, from decorating to setting up to washing display glass and unpacking others' projects.  I am so proud of them and how well they did.  The superintendent they were helping out had rave reviews from them and is going to see if she can have an exception made for them on the age issue for helping out more next year because "their maturity level and capability is higher than most of the teens who have helped in years past.'  Wow!  They have certainly made me proud!  Way to go girls!

Everthing is entered!

The twins took everyone to the bus, or rather tried to, while I finished up getting the last 2 enteries checked in.  I was just a minute behind them, but found them like this when I got to the bus.  They looked so cute, that I took a picture, lol!
We are all very glad to be done with this year's fair entries!  Now to wait until Thursday, when the fair opens to see how everyone did!