Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reflecting back on a long weekend

This weekend has been so full that I wanted to just put my thoughts down now that things have kind of settled down a bit.
Here are my children helping to set up the birth tub
while I was in the bathroom, waiting for contractions to start
after having my water break.
I remember feeling contractions and wondering if my pain tolerance was so low for some reason...and wondered why that was, and if I could manage through the rest of labor.  I literally only made it by the grace of God and prayer!

Then to go into what I really thought at the time was a medical emergency of the cord tearing...the combination of a hard and fast labor and the adrenaline rush of the emergency really took a lot out of me!  I felt very weak and shaky after the delivery, much more than I have experienced in other natural deliveries.

The pool was actually taken down on Friday evening,
about 6 hours before Judah was born, because we had
decided that I would likely not have a baby, probably
not in the next few days or even couple weeks!
When I look back on this delivery, I think of the way my husband stepped up to handle Judah's cord ripping with a calm reassurance that was incredibly helpful to me!  While I was holding Judah and literally praying that he would even survive, Chris was taking action, with instruction from the midwife on the phone about how to handle what was going on.  His calm demeanor really helped me to stay calm at a time when my first reaction was to panic!  What a blessing to have such a husband!  I thank and praise my God for him!
Brianna got to hold Judah while I was getting cleaned up.

Judah with his eyes open!

The joy and excitement has been wonderful to be apart of! I love watching my children interact with our newest little blessing! I love that they are so excited to have a new baby brother, to hold him, watch him sleep or eat, or to see his diaper get changed. They love seeing his tiny little toes, picking out little clothes for him to wear, feeling his little hand wrapped around their fingers and seeing all of his facial expressions while he is sleeping.

My amazing husband holding Judah while
leading the family in prayer.

This weekend has not been without its challenges though.  Baby Judah has some difficulties with nursing that I have not encountered before.  We are not entirely sure what they are, but are taking the advice from real life and online friends and LC, to follow up on some things that may just help.  I am already seeing some improvement and hope it continues to get easier and easier!

The twins have been an awesome blessing this weekend!  They have worked doubly hard - helping to set up for, then run a garage sale on Thursday - Saturday, even with getting up during the night to be extra hands to help with Judah's cord incident on Friday night, helping while I was on bedrest last week, through a false labor alarm, and then since having baby Judah this weekend with the littles.  Ashley and Brianna have also really stepped up to help this week, too.

The little ones are pretty worn out at this point!  Going from so much activity on the 4th of July, and into so much going on at home with a garage sale and new baby has left them without naps on several occasions.  We are hoping this week to get them back on a more normal schedule.  I actually think ALL of us need to get a bit more sleep and get on a better schedule.
Ashley FINALLY got to dress Judah tonight.
His bruising is so much better than I can
see his coloring well enough in his face!

God has now blessed us with as many reversal babies as we have pre-vasectomy babies.  What a blessing to have our younger ones.  I really couldn't imagine life without them! 

What an amazing long weekend full of incredible things.  I praise and thank God for the amazing blessings and experiences we have had this weekend.  I honestly couldn't imagine anything better to do with my time or a more incredible family to have it with.  God is so good, all the time!

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  1. What a beautiful weekend that God has blessed you all with.

    I am trying to figure out who Judah looks like. He doesn't look like Justice, who looks like his Dad. I am thinking he looks like you, Michelle. I am so thankful that you have such great helpers and such a wonderfully strong husband to get you all through this wonderful event.