Saturday, July 7, 2012


After a very long and confusing couple of days, it is my privilege and honor to introduce...

Judah Christopher
born at 3:11 am
weight: 6 pounds 6 ounces
length: 20 1/4 inches
Short version:
It was a very short, intense labor.  The midwife didn't make it in time.
My amazing husband delivered and dealt with what the midwife called a minor medical emergency, that seemed like a major thing at the time to me!
My wonderful husband kept things together and his calm really helped the atmosphere of the birth.  I am so thankful for such an awesome husband!

Long story:
I had what we thought at first was my water breaking on Thursday evening.  But labor did not follow.  We called the midwife, who came out and we set up the birthing tub, thinking we would have a baby that night.  But contractions, which were fairly regular before my water broke, went away.

We decided to have a good night's sleep, so the midwife left, and we went to bed.

I was able to sleep ok overnight, just a bit of discomfort.

On Friday, I have no contractions at all.  We talked with the midwife, who had us check on baby Judah throughout the day with the Doppler she left here.

Ultimately, we decided it must have either been a 2nd bag of fluids, or possibly a pocket of fluid that him moving to a different position released.  The midwife said that we were good to continue on in the pregnancy, without risk of infection, and we kind of expected to make it days if not weeks longer.

I noticed a few contractions, and thought it was just part of the conspiracy of not letting me sleep (along with Seren, who just wasn't going to bed, 2 mosquitoes in my room who kept buzzing past my ear, and my allergies)...but I really didn't think anything would come of them.

Chris came to bed at about midnight.  I decided I needed to let him sleep and headed downstairs since I was just tossing and turning.  I started timing contractions at about 12:30 am to see where we were.

By 1:30, things had picked up, I woke up Chris and asked him to fill the birthing tub.  It was during this time that Chris tried to get ahold of his parents, but they didn't answer their phones.

At 2:30, we decided to call the midwife, and let her know that things seemed to be progressing.  At that time, I told her I thought we easily had a couple of hours left.

I do not know exactly when, or even how often, but I found it very helpful to pray aloud through contractions.  We were even still timing contractions, when I hit a point that I prayed that this would be the last or close to it, because I wasn't sure if I could handle anymore.  God is so faithful!  That was the last contraction before going into pushing.  Before that contraction (and in part for me to not be disappointed not knowing how long we had to go), I told Chris that I thought we still had some time...

The very next contraction, Judah's head was born.  My wonderful husband did a quick check to see if the cord was around his neck, which it was.  We were both working on getting it fixed.  I really thought I had it, but I couldn't pull enough lose to get it around his head...the next contraction came right on top of this one.  His body was born, but the cord was not long enough, and ripped.  I felt it happen.  I told DH and he jumped into action.  He called the midwife, while I held baby and pinched the cord closed with my fingers.  We had the added complication that Judah wasn't breathing, so while I held him and pinched the cord in one hand I was trying to stimulate him to breathe with my other hand and face.

The midwife instructed us on what to do, explained that she had a flat tire and would be there as soon as she could, that her assistant would get there before she would to help with everything, and that really, it sounded like we had things pretty well under control.

At some point during all of this, Chris went up to get the twins so we would have an extra set of hands, which proved to be helpful.  One of the twins also went out to the camper to get Dh's parents. 
In the end, despite a rough start, both of us are doing just great!  We are thrilled that God has blessed us with this precious little guy, and are excited to get to know him and watch him grow in knowledge and wisdom and in the Lord.


  1. OMG Michelle!!! It sounds like you and Chris handled everything SO WELL. I was praying for a fast and easy labor for you after time I will pray for an uncomplicated birth, too! Not that you guys aren't experts by now, sounds like you did everything just right. (((HUGS))) WAY TO GO MAMA I am so happy and proud of you!!

  2. Wow, tears. Truly amazing story. Congratulations. Get rest and speedy recovery! Congratulations.

  3. Way to go you two. Congrat's in order for all. Makes a difference when a couple are trusting in God. Good job Michelle, he is quite the little man. Sounds like Chris handled the crises like a boss. Maybe the inlaws need better ring tones for their phones ;^)

  4. Jättestort grattis från Sverige till familjen Pence!

    Huge congratulations from Sweden, Pence family! Especially to Justice who is now a big brother to a brother!

    You guys constantly amaze me! Chris, you are now priest, prophet, daddy, husband, rooster butcher AND Midwife extraordinaire! Truly impressed :)

    Welcome to the world, baby Judah, and job well done, Michelle! Much love!!

  5. Congratulations Pence family! What a wonderful birth story! :)

  6. I'm proud of you guys. That's pretty awesome how you handled things. He's so handsome.