Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting ready for the Fair!

Bailey's finished quilt
Entries in most departments are due in just 4 weeks.

That means everyone has to start making some decisions on which projects they wanted to get done, to actually finish, and which ones to let go, or save for next year! 

So far, the entries that are done, are looking great!  The entries that are in progress, are also looking good, but they need to get done as time is running out!

Anna's finished quilt
We have a bin of project entries.  I am having the girls work on things that are easy to finish up first, so they can see how much time they have left for the bigger things they want to get done...because I do not foresee them getting it all done in time.  We will see how close they get though!

Yesterday, I had those who had ideas, but had not taken the time to stage and take pictures, do that.  Today, they worked on finishing up drawings.  Then the twins went to a final lesson on quilting to finish up their lap quilts!  I am so proud of them for sticking to such a big project and getting it done!

Drawing, upper left group is Anna, upper right is Bailey,
lower left is Brianna's, and Ashley did the lower 2 in the middle.

Bin of fair entries - already overflowing!
Currently, Anna is working on a crochet project, Bailey is working on the coordinating pillowcase to her quilt, Ashley is coming up with what to take pictures of (she now has a couple ideas, we just need to take the time to stage it and take the pictures!), Brianna is wondering what else she can do to enter into the fair...(she is in a hard place...she sees the older ones doing so much, but she is not able to do some of those things, and/or is limited by the fair rules because of her age as to how many entries she can have.)

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