Saturday, July 7, 2012

Feeling Incredibly Blessed Today

The older children have been coming up at different times to see baby Judah (and me).

At different times today, the twins came in and held him, and sang the same song to him that they learned in choir.

"Good things come in small packages, a tiny as a baby boy...Wrapped in love and laid in a manger..."

I love to see them being so sweet and tender to this new baby.  It is truly a joy to see how all of my children have welcomed this precious baby.  I have always heard such stories of sibling rivalry, older children not accepting or being jealous of a new baby...but have never ever experienced such things at our house.  Our biggest trouble has been our toddlers wanting to 'help' with the new baby so much, and not understanding how fragile the baby is or how gentle they need to be.

Ashley is concerning herself with what baby Judah will where and when he will wear it (though he is still just in a diaper right now as I am struggling to see his coloring to make sure he is breathing ok because of all the bruising on his poor little face).  she loves to hold him, and keeps saying that she wishes that she could have been at the birth. (I understand her disappointment on this as we told her we would wake her for the birth - but things really happened all too fast, and honestly, I am glad none of my daughters were there to see those scary first moments.)  Fortunately, she is quick to move on to say things like, "Oh, I can't wait to see him in this outfit, or for him to do that"  When she isn't busy holding him today, she has been busy laying out clothes for him - I think she has his first month figure out already, lol!
"Let's see how this looks on Judah.  Oh, isn't that cute!"  Ashley said.
Bailey said, "I don't think he likes that..."
"Yes he does, because it is cute!"

Brianna has loved doing anything and everything to help with the baby.  She wants to bring me water and food, and make sure everyone is taken care of.  She has been very helpful!  She loves getting to hold him, and waits so patiently for her turn. (with 7 older siblings, 2 grandparents and 2 parents all in the same house, we have long lines to wait through for the next turn to hold the baby!  I am lucky enough to get him back pretty much anytime I want! ;)  Brianna is showing a good deal of maturity while holding baby Judah so still and carefully.

After Chris got the twins up, I sent one out to get Grandma and Grandpa (for some extra adult hands), and told her to say, "Judah is born and we have a minor medical emergency."  Brianna keeps asking about what that means and why it was a medical emergency for his birth.  I am not sure she is really understanding as she keeps asking, then asking if we are ok now and if we will continue to have medical emergencies for Judah and me...I have also had a couple of people ask if Judah is ok now, so I thought I would clear this up.

Judah didn't lose much blood.  He didn't get the benefit of waiting for the cord to stop pulsating before cutting it, but he really is ok.  He didn't need anything extra from the midwives or to be seen by a doctor at a hospital right away.  All of his vitals are checking out perfectly for today, and he seems to be getting a bit better at nursing.  once the bruising clears up, he is going to be in great shape!

The littles have come in 3 separate times today, but always in a group, which makes crowd control when I am not supposed to pick them up very challenging!

Callie and J were the first ones up today.

It was so precious to see the look of awe and wonder on
Justice's face as he looked at this tiny baby!

Justice kept saying, "She so little!  See his tiny hands!"
(Or whatever body part he was looking at at the time!)
and yes, his he/she, his/her pronouns are a bit confused still!

Callie is doing so well controlling her tone and not 'squishing'
Judah in her excitement!  It is a wonderful milestone for her!

Seren was the next to get up, but had to wait for someone (besides me)
to pick her up out of her crib.  Ashley was that someone!
Ashley's first order of business was to look at 'all of him at the same time'
so I let her unwrap him.

Serenity is so impressed with her new brother!
She absolutely loves the baby, and tries to come
see us frequently...but she quite gentle enough
on her own.  It is something we are working on.

All 3 of the little ones keep kissing him over and over
again in turn.
It is so sweet to see them loving on a tiny baby!

Judah and I were asleep when Chris brought the younger 3 in for a bath (the only tub is in our master bath), and all of them, who normally love playing in the bath, wanted OUT as soon as they heard Judah make a noise!  They love their new brother so much!

It is amazing to see all of them interact together.  To watch as they play together, and to see the older ones so eager to include the younger ones in whatever they are doing and to teach the younger ones new things.  What a joy as a mother to get to watch them grow and learn together!  God is so good!  What a special time in my life, when all of my children are at home, and I get to spend my days with them!  I thank and praise my God for these busy, hectic, crazy days of school lessons, therapy, changing diapers, playing and sharing in adventures with my children.  I know when they are frown and gone, that I will miss these days!  Children really are a blessing, and the fruit of the womb a reward from God!


  1. That was absolutely beautiful! (And I can't believe you made time to record it all...what a treasure of memories!) I love seeing how all your kids have grown! You have an amazing family. Praying Judah is nursing well! Love, Tracy

  2. Michelle, what a beautiful view of your family loving on your new baby. Each of your children are so very special. I love seeing the love in each of their faces as they hold and kiss on their little brother. You and Chris are doing such a wonderful job as making each child feel special, as well as teaching them to love each other. What a gift you are giving them and their future families.

  3. Wow so special and beautiful. You are so blessed!! Congrats on yet another blessing.

    (BTW, J looks like SUCH a BIG BOY! And Callie is looking so so grown up too--she's totally lost that toddler look and looks like such a BIG girl.)

  4. So sweet! You are truly blessed! Congratulations! Judah is too precious!

  5. I mirror all the other sentiments there and have one more to add... That photo, the first one, of Bailey (she's in the blue shirt, right?)...PRINT AND FRAME IT! It is just beautiful and it really shows the woman and mother she is going to be some day!!!

  6. What wonderful pictures! Everyone seems to be enjoying him so much. New babies are such a treasure! :)