Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conversations with Justice

There have been a couple of conversations lately that really demonstrate that Justice whole thought process is different from his sisters.

Such as this...early on last week, I was changing Judah's diaper, and Justice was watching.  Justice got excited and said, "Wow!  Look at that!" 
He pointed so quickly - and I was trying to get the clean daiper back ON baby boy, that I wasn't entirely sure what he pointed at.  So I thought I would start casually, "Do you see baby Judah's cord?"

"No, that!" He said, peeling back the diaper, "That's...that's...that's BOY PARTS!"

"Yes, that's right, Judah is a boy, just like you."

"Judah has a penis, and I have a penis!"


Yesterday morning, Chris and I were getting all the little ones dressed to take Judah to see Dr. Patrick.  Justice heard the rooster and commented on it.  "I hear a rooster!"

"Yes, that's the rooster."

"We need to kill that rooster."

"We do, yes."

"Alright, we need to kill the rooster.  Let's go!"  (And J starts running out the door) "Come on, quick!  Let's go!"

"J, wait, where are you going?"

"I gonna go kill the rooster!"

It took us a bit, but we convinced him to wait until Daddy had time to help him with that, lol!

***Most of this post was written more than a week ago...

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