Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Even after just a few days of not posting, I am getting emails asking how we are doing, and if I had the baby...which tells me it is time for an update!

No baby yet!  We are at 34 weeks, 5 days and so glad that he is still baking on the inside!  Today is the gestational age our twins were born at, and really, they did very well!  Each day, this baby is getting bigger and stronger and better equipped to handle life on the outside!  He should have already crossed the 'magic' 5 pound mark, and his lungs should be ready to absorb oxygen.  The further we get into this pregnancy, the more milestones we are able to check off the list for baby, the more my concern for this baby's health gives way to excitement to get ready for him!

Our midwife is willing to delivery us in just 16 days.

We are 10 days from making our due month for the first time EVER.

24 more days is the longest I have ever made it in any pregnancy (that was with Ashley, and she made it to 38 weeks and 1 day).

We are willing to delivery at home, unassisted if need be in just a couple of days...though whether we would truly pack up even now and head in would be a wait and see kind of thing...

We are working on getting ready for this new little one.  Working on getting a place for the playpen set up (we have a different bedroom than we did last time we had a baby, so it means working out all of those details again!)...finding a place to put the birthing tub...still going strong with school and therapy...working on going through lots of things to get rid of what we no longer need, or do not use often enough to justify the space for it.

With a carseat ready to go, receiving blankets and baby clothes washed and ready, the play pen pulled out and cleaned up, we really could be ready anytime now to welcome this precious baby into loving arms...and at 3 1/2 cm and 80% effaced, as of 8 days ago, it could be a reality at any time!  (On one hand, I am excited to meet this little one, on the other, I really would like to get another 2-3 weeks of therapy and school done before he arrives - not to mention finish getting ready for him, and letting him have the time to grow and mature more!)

There are still a few loose ends to tie what to do and where to give birth when if I go into labor during the day (which my midwife ways is unlikely anyway)...having everyone around, and needing basic things, and me being unable to attend to those needs as labor progresses...and the older 3 or 4 want to be present for the birth, making them unavailable as is just a better scenario to me if I go into labor in the evening and have the baby at night!

We praise and thank God for bringing us to this point in this pregnancy, for getting us further than all 4 of our preemies, and so close to term.  We are thankful for each day that this baby stays on the inside.  What an honor it is (even in a hard pregnancy) to be used by God to bring forth new life.  I do not take for granted the privilege and miracle that each new life is...this baby is an eternal being, who is being knit together right now, in my womb, in the image and likeness of Almighty God, for the purpose of bringing honor to God's name.  And I get to have this small role or carrying this baby as long as God continues this pregnancy!  I repent that at one point, I considered this to be an inconvenience and a bother...and thank God for His mercy to show me just how wrong and selfish I was and what His heart is towards children!

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  1. Michelle, I am SO excited for you. I know this new little life will bring so much joy to your family, just like all of your others. He truly is a miracle. I can't wait to hear when he has arrived safely and to see what that little man looks like. What a blessing to "walk" along side and "experience" the excitement of your family as you all have been preparing for his arrival. Of course, we wish that we were there to help and actively experience it, but we must content ourselves with "seeing" from afar. Take care and get plenty of rest:) You will need it once he is here. Love you, Michelle.