Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making progress...and still learning!

I am amazed at the things that midwives know about stalling or postponing labor compared to the OB's I have seen.  This week, I saw a nurse practitioner who is also a midwife, because she has the ability to write a prescription, and she works with my midwife.

The goal is to make it just 2 more weeks.  On one hand, that seems like such a short period of time, but on the other, when looking at already being 4 cm and 90% effaced, it seems like it is so far away.

Hospitals without a NICU (like the one closest to us) are willing to deliver us at this point (35 weeks), because most 35 weekers do not need specialized NICU care.  This is already a great place to be!  This baby has had longer than Callie, Brianna and the twins.  We are just 10 days shy of when Justice was born, and 2 weeks from when our midwife will delivery us at home.

Thursday was a rough day.  I had contractions 7-10 minutes apart for about 7 hours total.  I had a bit of bloody show, which meant cervical change, even though the contractions were not overly strong.

I called my midwife, who had me drink even more water, take extra calcium and magnesium, have a warm bath, then go lay down, with my chest on the bed, and my knees under me (so my bottom was up in the air) for about 30 minutes, before going into strict bedrest until I was able to go see a midwife friend of hers (who could write prescriptions) the following day. 

I did just what she said, and was amazed at how well that regime worked to stop the contractions!  The next day I learned a couple other tricks that we are working on at home, and I am pleased to report contractions have been nearly non-existent.  I felt my uterus getting a bit 'irritable,' took calcium/magnesium again, had a warm bath and went to bed for a bit, and it went away!

Perhaps we will actually make it at least those 2 weeks we need to get to full term!  Praying and hoping that God would sustain us this short period of time, and would deliver this baby safely and peacefully at home in His perfect timing! 

In the meantime, we have started to get things ready for baby, like assembling our birth kit, setting aside what we need and what the midwife would like to have ready.  We also got baby's bed ready to go and set up next to my side of the bed, which meant some rearranging in our room.  My wonderful husband did a great job on all of that while I was resting!  What a blessing to have such a fantastic husband, who is willing to do so many different tasks to help us get as far as we can!

Excitement is definitely building at our house!  It was so cute tonight to get the little 3 out of the bath, and have them discover baby's bed is all set up.  They all had to go check it out, try putting a doll in it, and see where their new little brother will sleep.  Callie is convinced that she will just hold the baby, and he won't need to go to his bed...while it is a cute thought, I am just hoping she is able to hold him without hurting him.  When Callie gets excited, her muscles tend to tense up uncontrollably, so holding a baby will be a challenge for her...

We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes as we get closer to the birth of this new baby.  I am so glad that there are even more ways that will help us make it to term.  I praise God that even with my 8th baby, I am able to learn new things about the wonderous process of pregnancy and childbirth!  What a truly awesome God I serve!

If anyone is wondering why there are no pictures lately, it is because my internet connection has not been very good, and I have been unable to get pics to upload...hoping that gets resolved quickly!  It is sad that living in the pacific NW, my internet connection is such that it doesn't work well in the RAIN, lol!

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  1. You are getting so close! I was wondering how you were doing. It's good to hear the good report. Praying for a smooth and safe delivery for you and baby! :)