Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Twins' birthday party

We celebrated the twins' birthday party on Monday night. Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jann came over for cake, ice cream and presents.

The twins chose to have Subway subs for their dinner. (It is such a huge blessing that they have always agreed and wanted to have the same thing for their birthday dinner!)

Then we had a DQ cake.

Followed by presents. This year, we got them 2 big presents to share. The first is a digital camera, the 2nd is a microscope. Both will be lots of fun, and will see lots of use!

We also got each of them a scraperfoil craft project to work on as well as a crochet book to share (and the crochet hooks to go with the projects they will want to do).

Grandma and Grandpa got Bailey the rest of the Boxcar Children series to fill in the first 40 books! Anna got a 1,000 piece puzzle of Yellowstone that looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Aunt Carolyn and Faux-Pa got the girls some new clothes.

They also got a surprise package in the mail from friends who have moved across the country. It might be their very favorite gift of all, not only for the thoughtful gift that it is (they are really enjoying listening to new Oddessy adventures!), but also because it reminds them of their friends! Thank you so much for making their day like you did!

Happy Birthday, girls!

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