Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to my twins!

Happy birthday to my amazing twins. These 2 really are so amazing! I count on them for so much, and they are so willing to help in anyway that they can!

What a blessing it is to have children who are so obedient, and who want to please so much. They love learning and living life! They love spending time with their family, and enjoy helping the younger ones to do things!

This year, Anna started playing the saxophone and Bailey has begun learning the flute. They are both doing very well on their instruments! Bailey's has come a bit more slowly since breaking her arm (it is really hard for her to stretch her fingers to reach certain notes), but she isn't letting that stop her!

Both of them are continuing the piano, and surpassing what I am able to do in the process! It is a joy to hear them play! I really love having the house filled with music for so much of the day!

The twins both enjoy working in the kitchen, whether baking goodies, bread, or meals, and are both becoming good cooks!

While they do have a lot of things that they both really enjoy, they also have their own likes and favorites. Often times, being twins, they are lumped together in things, when really something may only be a passion for one of them. Here are some of their individual likes and favorites (at least for right now! They often influence the other into liking their favorite things, lol!)

Anna loves to draw and crochet. Her favorite school subjects are math and science. Her favorite color is brown (the color of horses). She passionately loves horses, and looks forward to maybe getting back to riding lessons. Her favorite place to go is a stable with lots of horses.

Bailey loves to embroider and read. Bailey loves to make things for others, do the mending (especially of stuffed animals or baby dolls), and fix things. Her favorite subjects in school are history and reading. She favorite color is green (because it is a Christmas color!). She really loves all wildlife. Her favorite place to go is the Evergreen State Fair.

As I mentioned, they will be waiting until Monday night to actually have their family party. Sunday was just too busy, with church, a roller skating party for a friend of theirs, and home church! By the time we got home, it was time to get everyone tucked into bed!


  1. Happy birthday, girls!! If I am reading this right, you share a birthday with my Hanna, she turned 12 on Sunday! You guys have a package on the way from us here in Sweden, there's not a whole lot in it, but we hope that you'll and your entire family enjoy what IS there!

    Oh, and LOVE that pic of the Saturn, the balloons, and the squished little sister, lol!


  2. Happy birthday, Ladies!! I cannot believe how "old" you two are getting. You are both such blessings to know. Sorry the girls didn't call you yet, but they will. Hopefully your package arrived safely.
    PS Michelle, I think Anna is really starting to look like you.