Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting ready for the twins' birthday

Chris' parents were awesome to let both of us go out to get the twins birthday presents (with Brianna, who was getting a special date with both of us for the accomplishment of no longer sucking her thumb - but she also wanted Ashley to come along!). We had fun looking at different things we thought they would like, picking out something for Brianna (who was bribed w/$10 and a Mommy/Daddy date to stop sucking her thumb). We went out to dinner. Then we stopped by the dollar store to get balloon bouquets for the was kind of embarrassing leaving the dollar store with TWENTY-TWO balloons! Then to stuff them into the Saturn, was comical...and resulted in this:

We finally did get them into the house, got the house decorated, presents wrapped, and everything ready for the twins to wake up to on their birthday (Sunday)...though with a busy day, they will have to wait until Monday for their family party.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Anna and Bailey! I am just now catching up on everyone's blog posts (Michelle, it is especially hard to keep up with ALL of your posts. lol!)I love the picture of Ashley crammed in with all the balloons- so fun! :)