Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting and decorating a tree

Obviously, I didn't get the blog updated by the end of the weekend, as I had hoped...but better late than never!

We had perfect weather to go get a Christmas tree! The sun was shining, it wasn't overly cold...the ground was dry enough to be firm. We really couldn't have asked for better - especially when the weather men kept saying it was going to rain all week!

Everyone enjoyed tromping through the trees...except for maybe Callie, who struggled with the uneven ground. She ended up being carried for much of the trip, even though she wanted to walk.

All 6 of the older ones got to help cut the tree down.

Everyone helped to carry the tree back to the truck. There are times when many hands make light work, and other times when more isn't necessarily better...with children on both sides holding the tree and walking slowly, they almost looked like paulbarers.

We tried a new place this that is considerably cheaper, and we really liked it! They had a lot of trees that are like the ones that we get. And for $20 for any tree, we will certainly be coming back next year!

The lot we were at isn't as big, which put us back home much earlier. It gave us time for FIL to put the lights on the tree, while we made lunch...and then to get ornaments on the tree in the same day! (Normally we get the tree, I put lights on it after everyone goes to bed, then set out ornaments to be put on the next gave us time to head to Wight's in Lynnwood because the tree was already decorated the same day we got it!)

The girls enjoyed getting everything out and decorated a day early this year! We even finished in time for our first Christmas book of the year to be read as the bedtime story.

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  1. Your husband certainly looks frowny in the first picture... :(

    ~ Your husband