Monday, December 5, 2011

Game night

Chris has been working extra hours lately...just the nature of his job, he has times when he is busier than others!

I have been trying to keep everyone busy, and this is just the latest activity...actually, Chris thought he would be available to play with us, so I went all out with snacks and such. Unfortunately, we started the evening with tears from Miss Anna, who really misses her Daddy!

We played Uno and Sorry tonight (ran out of time - having 2 late nights in a row was very poor planning on my part!)

After we played games for a couple of hours, the girls still felt lonely and asked if they could have a 'slumber party' in the lower bunks. I consented (which resulted in another night of not so great rest for them, lol!), and found them like this 1/2 hour later :) All 6 of the older ones in 1 lower bunk!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the bunk bed pics!! I love how close your kids are, it's such a blessing! Mine are appearing to be growing up close, too, I hope it continues! Mine are missing pappa, as well, he's working out of town 2 days a week. For the record, mamma is missing pappa, too!