Saturday, July 23, 2011

What you could have seen...

If you were in Olympia, getting gas at the Shell station on Capital Blvd, you would have seen a horse trailer, unloading 6 calves, marching them around to where our bus was located, and putting them inside. I am sure it was quite a sight, and we even gathered a few passerbyers who stopped to watch the activity!

We agreed to help out the farmer we purchased them from, and drop 3 calves off in Everett before heading home with our 3. After seeing all 6 of them, I was glad I went with a little bit bigger calves for this first go around! Here are the other calves that we delivered in their new home.

In the end, we were left with our 3, who seemed like they had a lot of space after we made our delivery!

Lessons from the day:
* Small calves get weak very quickly (the smallest one, we couldn't get to stay on his feet. We prayed on our way home that he would be ok!)
* Cows, even small, young ones, in an enclosed area, are really stinky!
* Cows do not go up stairs very well.
* Cows do even worse going down stairs.
* If you pull calves, they put on the you have to push them from the back instead, or better yet, hold their bottle out for them, and they will follow you anywhere!

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