Monday, July 25, 2011

Long Locks no more...

Admittedly, I am feeling really sad about this one...but it is for a good cause!

The girls wanted to donate their hair to be made into wigs for children who have no hair. The program is called Locks of Love.
The girls got to have their hair professionally cut (for the twins this is a 2nd time, and for Ashley, it is a first!).
The girls filled out their own paperwork (something Ashley was very proud of!), and got to go to the post office to see their package off.
Ashley's favorite part was getting her hair washed.
The twins wanted to still look the same, so their hair dressers had them stand side by side before making that first cut!
When it was all said and done, we went home with their long pony tails in their hands, and short hair on their heads. Ashley's donation was 11 inches long, and the twins donated almost 16 inches each!
This morning, we went to the post office and mailed in their hair.


  1. They look beautiful! You should read them the part in Little Women where Jo cuts off her hair for a good cause:)

  2. What a beautiful gift they are giving. I am really proud of you Ladies. You are beautiful inside and out!!

  3. What a wonderful gift of love they have given...They still look very girly with the shorter hair, and it will grow back.

  4. The girls look adorable, and did a wonderful thing! You must be so proud of them. You and your husband are doing an amazing job raising them!

  5. They look beautiful with short hair. I know a family that benefits from Locks of Love.