Friday, July 22, 2011

Field trip to the State Capital

We had so much fun going on a tour of the capital building on Olympia. The history, and being able to talk about the importance of being involved in government in a democracy.

There are many details that were pointed out. Such as the WA landmarks carved into these doors. Here you see Snoqualmie Falls and the log cabin that served as the very first governor of WA's house.

The girls enjoyed finding all of the George Washingtons that they could!

The marble work throughout was absolutely amazing! The capital building construction began in 1922. We were fortunate to have some designers from New York who had connects to get marble that was used as ballast from decommissioned World War II ships. Some of it is Italian, Belgian, German and more. It was also built with electrical wiring throughout, which was unique in that time period and we have a great deal of Tiffany Lighting Company lights, such as this chandelier.

The marble pictured here, and the marble Brianna is standing near, is called story book marble, because you can find pictures in it. In this shot, there is a picture of a dog's head.

Callie walked all the way down this long hallway behind her from one legislative meeting room to the other. It was about SIXTY FEET!
Here we are on the front steps of the capital building. 42 steps, representing us being the 42 state to join the union.

This is the first proposed Washington State Flag. It was rejected because it has George Washington portrayed as a General, and they decided they wanted him portrayed as President Washington.

On the opposite wall from the first proposed State flag, there is a proposed national flag with 42 stars on it...we thought, being the last state to join that year (it was in November that we joined), that for sure there would be a 42 star flag...but another state joined early the following year, and there never was an official 42 star flag...making this a very rare piece indeed!

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