Sunday, July 31, 2011

All about me

Good days and bad good days are REALLY good and my bad days seem to be REALLY bad...

why is it when I get close to a goal that I am excited about that It end to 'sabotage' myself?! I am so close to my next mini goal...and yet, I kept eating and eating yesterday when I wasn't hungry. I made Brianna a castle cake (pics coming soon - hopefully in the next 1/2 hour or so), and kept eating the extra cake pieces with frosting. I ate so much cake and frosting, that I wasn't even hungry at dinner, but managed to eat 2 helpings. Then went to the movies (Saw Captain America) with my wonderful husband last night, and kept eating more and more of his super buttery movie popcorn...I wasn't hungry to begin with!

Today is a new day...filled with donuts (which I chose NOT to eat this morning!) for breakfast (Breezy's gets her food choices all day while we are at home), Little smokies in BBQ sauce and rice for lunch with a salad (I plan to go real heavy on the salad and light on the other things - I also got turkey smokies instead of beef as they were much lower in calories and fat), and a cake for dessert and then home church for dinner...which we are bringing the castle cake for...

I do not really anticipate a very good weigh in for this tomorrow, but nothing terrible, either.

Looking to get back on track and keep plugging away!

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  1. Just remember, that tomorrow is a new day. You don't have birthdays and date nights every day or every week. Maybe you should not do your weigh in tomorrow, but put it off even until next week. You are doing so well, you can enjoy yourself today and get back to basics tomorrow. They are times to feast and times to eat more leanly (I know not a word but it worked there:). It is like when we were young and were learning to ride our bicycles, we would get up and wobble around and fall, then get back up and try it again until we finally got it down. Even then there might be times that we would fall down for one reason or another, but we would never give up. Don't get discouraged or give up, get up and get back on and have a great week!!