Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Rat

1 week goes by, no evidence of rat. We let our guard down and hope that he is truly gone. Then we wake up one morning and find evidence that he was here...but it was very slight.

Another week goes by. Same thing as above.

Then 3 weeks go by. We really thought we had seen the last of him! But no. Last night, I had a late workout, then took a shower. I came into the living room and saw him. HE is looking very well fed these days. He climbed up the face of the fireplace and went UNDER the mantle...I put away all the bread and anything I thought he *might* be interested in...

This morning I found this.

I now will have to wait to do the kladdkaka because I need to replace all of my flour and sugar and everything...What a mess!


  1. Michelle, maybe you need to invest in a few good hunter kitties....Or a rat tearier. I'm sorry about the rat mess; I would not be handling that as well. LOL!

  2. NOW it's getting personal!!!