Thursday, April 21, 2011

Praising God to be HOME

I have made references to my van's 'quirks' in other posts. Things like, the choke doesn't like it if it doesn't really know if it is hot or cold. What this means is that if we go somewhere, then the van sits for 45 - 90 minutes, it doesn't like to start, and stay running. It also doesn't have windows that go up and down, and you have to hold the gear shift up into park in order to get the keys out. It is to the point that the valet at Callie's therapy will not allow us to use their services, so if the handicap parking is not available, I have to carry Callie a couple blocks to get to therapy so she isn't too worn out before we even get started. I also no longer allow others to borrow the van for fear they would run into issues...

Today was not just a typical busy Thursday. And like a good blogger, I had my camera at the ready, lol!
It was busy between our events...with van trouble! I noticed on our way to choir that the van was running a bit hot. Then got hotter and hotter.
We made it to choir with just checking on things. Then let the van sit and cool before filling the nearly dry radiator. It was a good opportunity to teach the girls some engine basics! We got to talk about the importance of the cooling system, and a bit of how it works. Chris has some wonderful parents who taught me the engine basics that I know, starting when I started things broke down, Chris' dad especially, helped us trouble shoot it and then to fix it. I definitely want the girls to understand how to read their gages, understand what maybe going on and when it is ok to limp a vehicle home and when it is best to tow it home!
We started the van and watched how quickly water was leaking from (I think) the water pump. I knew we may have trouble. Fortunately, the van has had some trouble in the past, so I carry a gallon of water with me. I called Dad, who said to take the radiator cap off to make sure there was no pressure building up. This caused the contents of the radiator to be blown all over everything - even the windshield!
We ended up needing to stop at Snohomish. About 14 miles from home. I wasn't sure the 1 gallon I had to put in it would be we prayed!
As we passed the first turn off to our road, the temp was really getting up there. To take that entrance to our road would have meant more corners and hills, and no shoulders if I needed to ask someone from home to bring me some more water...trouble is, there is a turn lane for the first entrance, but not the 2nd, and I do not currently have a left turn signal (another quirk - we fix this, and it goes out regularly).

I decided to take the 2nd, faster entrance to our house...and we made it! (We weren't even rear ended because of my lack of turn signal - I can't even use hand signals as my window doesn't go down.)

Through this whole thing I was so glad that we have the bus! If indeed I couldn't have limped the van home, we have an option to load everyone up in one trip to get us home! Praising God that He knows what we need, when we need it, and He provides for ALL our needs!

And I praise God for my awesome husband who was willing to come get us if I felt like we needed it. What a blessing to have such a caring husband! Thank you so much, my Love! I am so glad you were here, working from home, and able to help if we needed it!


  1. What an ad-VAN-ture!!! Glad you guys got home safe and sound! For future reference, if the van runs hot like that again, turn the heater on!! I know it makes it hot in the van, but it helps cool the engine down!

  2. We DID have the heaters on full! That is how we made it as far as we did, lol!

  3. I am thankful you all got home safely. It sounds like it is time to retire that van:)

  4. I actually forgot to mention that we are also losing can see on the gages that the oil pressure is low, too, lol! In fact, looking at the pics, the fuel is low, oil is low, temp is high - the only thing that looks good is the voltometer, lol!

    This time, it seems to just be a water pump. Not a big deal thing to swap out. The new van needs new seats w/seatbelts, which is a bigger deal (especially cost wise!) to swap out!

    For now, I just carry oil and water with me.