Friday, April 22, 2011

Packing up and heading out!

We will be leaving (after our Passover Celebration) to go to Shelton. We will be fixing up the place a bit. My hope is to get 1 unit finished up while we are there! Which means finishing up painting and laying flooring, and get new stair treads put on and some electrical work and redoing counter tops in the kitchen and more...ok, maybe we won't get it all ready to go, lol! BUT, I do hope to make some serious progress! And hopefully I will remember to take some pictures, too!

I really enjoy fixing up places. I love painting! I enjoy the way freshly painted walls make a place look. I like seeing the results of giving a place a face lift! I look forward to learning how to lay the wood flooring and putting new counter top finish on the existing counter tops! I am hoping that the girls will be able to help with some of this stuff now that the bulk of the painting is done.

I think I will be counting the work I do as my workout(s) for the week as I won't likely have much other time.

While I am there, I also hope to make it up (about 1 1/2 hours away) to see my grandparents (when there is no ferry to go across!) whom I have not seen in several months...

I also hope to be able to take my children to the State Capitol of Olympia, which is pretty close to Shelton. (That is school, right?)

Now, off to make my list on what needs to come with us, what school work we will bring, what busy work/toys we will bring, clothes, tools we may need, and what food we will be able to do in the crock pot all while packing as little as possible for 9 people...then comes the next trick; how to fit it all in!


  1. Wow, how long will you be there? That is a lot of work to be done. Is it still a four-plex or was he able to get it ok'd as an eight-plex? We will pray that all goes well and you are able to get more work accomplished then you thought capable.

  2. Not sure how long we will be there - or if I will be able to update the blog while I am there, lol!

    I am planning on a week. With Chris' parents here to watch the house and bird, and him able to work from there, it may be that we just stay until we get it all done! Or get tired of sleeping on the floor, which ever comes first, lol! I certainly prefer the idea of staying together as a family rather than Chris going alone for part of the week...

  3. I am glad you will all be together. He will get more work done and so will you. Times like these are what build great memories and bring families closer together:)