Saturday, April 30, 2011

Christian Heritage Conference

I spent this weekend at a homeschool conference called Christian Heritage. What a wonderful time of renewal! I feel ready to stay the course. I have a vision for homeschooling all the way through high school!

The speakers were great! I am so excited to implement some of what I have learned or have been reminded of. I am also very excited to listen to some of the sessions again, as well as listen to some that I have not yet heard, as we got the full conference set this year.

It was very nice to see people and catch up with those I had not seen in a long while!

There were a couple of moments that really stood out to me this weekend...listen in no particular order:

1.) Kevin Swanson is a very passionate and animated speaker! He is absolutely a visionary, with a wonderful heart for God and God's word! I am so ready to refocus what we are doing so it is all centered around God!

2.) There was a specific moment at the conference when Kevin Swanson was speaking about the importance of accepting each child as an individual, as a creation of God, and as blessing, reward and heritage God has bestowed upon me. Callie was sitting right next to me and Serenity was in my Ergo. It occurred to me that they are both such miracles! I know that each baby is a miracle. Each baby is special. Each baby is a blessing. But after you have done something permanent to prevent having children (such as a vasectomy), and go through the reversal process, knowing it may never work...these 3 reversal babies God has blessed our family with are absolutely precious! Callie is a miracle! If we had continued with man's wisdom, that we can only have as many children as we can 'afford' or 'take care of' or 'provide for,' Callie, Justice and Serenity wouldn't be here. Callie was our first reversal baby, and what a joy and blessing she is! But even more than that, the world would say she is 'broken' or that something is wrong with her. They would miss out on the blessing and joy that she brings. As I sat there, holding my 2 littlest girls, 2 of my reversal babies, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and praise for God that He saw fit to bless us with them, that my eyes began to well up with tears! God is so good!

3.) I would LOVE to be able to go through the vendor hall with no limits on what I could spend! They had a model of a cell (which we are studying right now!) and an interactive model of a human torso. They had science projects gallor. More GREAT books than I could count. So many audio books and audio dramatized stories that my children would really enjoy. Games, toys, models, kits, history, geography, art, reading, science, math, spelling, language arts, and so many more subjects! This is the first year I have purchased anything from them, and it really was a lot of fun - even more than I thought it might be! :) And I am VERY excited about each purchase I made!

4.) Listening to someone (Victoria Botkin was my favorite workshop speaker this year!) who as been in the trenches of homeschooling, who understands what it is like trying to give a reading lesson, while changing a diaper, and administering a spelling test, all at the same time. Listening to someone with more experience, who has come through the other side is an invaluable encouragement!

5.) Even though #4 is true, somehow, in the last 2 years since I was at the CHC, I have transitioned from the 'new/young' homeschool mom to a more experienced mom, who is able to give reassurances and tips to new homeschool moms! I spoke with a mom this weekend, who was trying to figure out what to do for her children who are 2, 3 and 4.

It was also a HUGE blessing for Aunt Carolyn to watch the older 4 and Justice from Friday at about 4 pm until tomorrow after church. We had a much easier time concentrating with only Callie and Serenity with us!

I also had the opportunity to fold about 6 loads of laundry and re-organize most of our homeschool supplies, ready to start 'fresh' on Monday! (Though I would like to pick up some new crayons and markers before then - I still need to clear that with Dh first, though! He has been awesome about letting me get things at the conference!)

For now, I am going to (hopefully) get a good night was a very long 2 days, and we are all very tried! I am greatly looking forward to seeing my other children tomorrow!


  1. Michelle, I am so glad you were able to go and had such a great time. I look forward to hearing all about it. I might pick up some of the cd's too.

  2. It was wonderful! (Though I had anticipated nothing less!) I wasn't however able to get any pictures. There was just too much going on! And I don't think Kristin got any either. sorry!