Sunday, April 24, 2011

All dressed up for church on Passover...and to the ER we go!

What a day! More accurately; What a morning!
Get up, get everyone fed, showered, dried, dressed in their Sunday best.

Get the house cleaned, keep packing for going to Shelton, get dinner in the crock pot...

Then Callie fell. She was tired, lethargic, couldn't support herself, kept trying to fall asleep regardless of what I did.
She couldn't stand. But it seemed like she got better.

So we piled into the bus! Only to have her throw up.

That was the last straw for me. Too many signs of concussion. Off to the ER our well dressed (if I do say so myself!) family went.

After examination, testing and deliberation, it was decided that yes, Callie indeed has a concussion, but it is fairly minor. We need to wake her every hour around the clock for 24 hours from the time she fell and carefully observe her. The doctor asked how she was feeling and she said she wanted to go to sleep in her fire truck. The doctor explained what we already know, that after a concussion, it could take weeks to regain all function...all I could hear was MORE THERAPY SETBACK over and over. I am feeling very defeated in the therapy department these days...

We are now back home (1pm), the girls are eating lunch, and then we will have our previously scheduled Passover celebration. I will post more on that later! For now, I need to get ready! (And go wake Callie up for the first time.)


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Callie fell. We pray that she gets well quickly. Please give her a kiss from all of us and tell her we love her very much!

  2. AWWW!! Poor Miss Callie! Sweet girl, we hope you feel better soon! You're such a tough, strong little cookie! Your dress and your sisters' dresses were alllllll SOOOOO pretty, and your little brother looks so handsome! I hope you end up having a wonderful Passover anyway!!

    Michelle... remember what I said about no blood or bones sticking out.... well.... I guess I'm gonna have to fit concussions in there somewhere! At least this will be a holiday not to be forgotten! Will add a few extra prayers that Callie recovers quickly and gets back into her therapy!!

    Hugs from us on this side of the pond!!

  3. I'm so sorry Michelle. I will some prayers up for Callie today. She actually looks like she was handling it pretty well..such a trooper!