Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wow! Look at that!

The ticker at the top of the page has made it to the last baby! That is so awesome! As of Saturday, the midwife is willing to do a homebirth with us, as we will have made it to 36 weeks!

- only 2 more days until the midwife will delivery us at home!
- 6 days from where Justice was born! (And I am hoping to make it even farther with Serenity!)
- 11 more days until my goal of making my due month!
- 30 more days until my due date!

It is all seeming very possible right now! What a blessing that God has carried us through to having a full term baby (almost)! He is good, all the time!

So far, I am doing well on getting ready for Serenity's arrival.

- We have about 9 days of school work to get through, along with the twins' testing...
- I am making progress on getting the things I want for Christmas for my children...I have found the Christmas ornaments for everyone (both for this year, and for last year, which I didn't get for them at the time), and just need to order the ones for this year...
- I have 1 more skirt for a middle girl, and 2 nightgowns to make for them to finish up their 2nd gift. I need to collect a few odds and ends to make the twins' 2nd gifts. And I need to order Callie's 2nd gift. We have decided to get a big gift for everyone as the 3rd gift (which will be ordered closer to Christmas!), so getting 2 done for everyone means that I am done for my children!
- I would like to do a thorough cleaning of the house before baby comes, but want to be done with my sewing mess first...hoping to be done by the end of the weekend!

Meanwhile, the older girls have really enjoyed all the sunny weather we have had this Oct! They have been busy outside, harvesting sunflower seeds and corn, riding bikes, and having picnic much so, that I have let them have a few days off of school to enjoy what little sunshine might be left...the rain is supposed to set in by this weekend, and we will catch up on school then!

For now, we are off on yet another busy, busy Thursday...Piano lessons for the older 3, then choir for the older 4, followed by a chiropractor appointment for Callie and me, then I will drop everyone off at home before going to a baby shower this evening! (I am tired just thinking through my day! In between all of that, we will work in some school, and Callie's therapy...oh, and I hope to get elastic in several skirts today!)

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