Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here is why my girls really love Thursdays...

We start off dropping one twin off at piano (this week, it was Bailey's turn, but they alternate, because they would each rather go with me :)

Then we head to the park (just a couple blocks away) for 1/2 hour with everyone else! They get to chase the ducks and play at the playground.

After the younger ones get the wiggles out, it is back to piano. The twin who came to the park is in charge of Justice, while I have Callie. I sit upstairs during piano to listen to what Ashley needs to practice during the week, while I do therapy with Callie.

Then the twin who started with Piano is in charge of Justice (downstairs in the playroom). I continue doing therapy with Callie while the 2nd twin has her piano lesson (that way I also know what the twins are supposed to be working on!).

After piano, we pile back into the van and head to choir, in Granite Falls, eating the lunch we packed on the way. The middle girls go into choir the twins and the little ones time to go to the park that is about 4 blocks away. We play there for about an hour, then head back to trade the middle girls with the twins...and then head back to the park once again.

After choir, we head to the chiropractor in Everett for both Callie and me (though my last session is next week, then it will just be for Callie!)

Then we head back home. We normally get home about 5 pm...but then again, we are not yet back to horseback riding, which will be tacked onto the end of our day!

So far, we have been blessed with beautiful fall weather! Only 1 Thursday so far has been rainy, otherwise, we have had sunshine! My Thursday schedule makes me so glad that I do not have to go with someone else's schedule that they have set every day! I am glad to have the other 4 days of the week to do what I need to get done, whether that be to do nothing (like yesterday!), or school, therapy, housework and all the odds and ends that pile up! I have a feeling that the next 9 days will be very low key - more in my next post!

(And if you are wondering why I have so many more pics of my little ones than of my older ones, it is because they are the ones I tend to stay close to while at the park!)

On this particular Thursday, I dropped everyone off at home, put leftovers in the oven for their dinner, and went to a baby shower. It was lots of fun, but probably too much for me, as I had to leave early to come home and go right to bed...

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