Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's Here!

Well, I missed my due month by 4 days. I also delivered before Chris' cousin, whom I had wanted to delivery after...but when holding this precious little girl, it no longer matters!

Stats...She was born this morning at 2:50 am, weighing in at 7 lbs even at 37 weeks gestation. She was getting too cold, so we didn't get a length on her. We will get that tomorrow.

Birth story...this was my hardest vaginal delivery yet!

I started having pretty regular contractions at about lunch time yesterday (about 1 pm). But they were not really all that big of a deal. At about 2 pm, I felt a little trickle, and the contractions picked up a bit...but I honestly wasn't sure if it was my bag of waters or something else. I decided to lay down for a nap at 2:30.

At about 3 pm, the contractions were just enough to wake me up. When I got up, I had another little trickle, but again, I wasn't quite sure what it was!

the contractions continued to progress in strength, but were still just about 30 seconds long each. I decided that since I had to stop several times while making dinner, and then felt like my body was emptying itself at that time, to call my midwife. She said to time contractions for 30 minutes and get back to her.

About 25 minutes later, my water broke full force! I called her back to let her know.

She got to my house about 7:30, and the contractions were coming about 5 minutes apart, but were definitely getting stronger!

My contractions started to get more unpredictable as far as when they would come by 9 pm, but since they were still really strong, we didn't think much of it.

I felt like I hit transition at 11:30 pm, or rather, that was the first contraction I thought, "I am not sure if I can handle much more of this." Which made me think the end was near...little did I know, I wasn't all that close!

Serenity was posterior, or sunny side up, and sitting on TOP of my pelvic bone, instead of resting inside of it...making for a pretty painful transition! The midwife actually had to guide/move Serenity's head into my pelvis, then we had to try different positions to get her to turn - definitely NOT something I really wanted to be doing during those strong transition contractions!!!

I can look back and say that God went ahead of me, and knew what we needed...the contractions spaced out quite a bit, anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes apart, which allowed both of us to rest between many of them.

I felt the last transition contraction to into a pushing contraction...but then had a 30 minute break before the next contraction, which really was the ONLY way I think I could have made it! We really needed the break! Also, it didn't work out this time for the water birth as I just wasn't having any contractions, so I had to get out to have her, but it was still nice to be able to go in and out of the birthing tub! I still highly recommend this to anyone!

It took 3 good pushes to get her to come out! I barely had the energy was it was to push out the placenta...I was really worn out from the 3 hours of transition!

I am so thankful for having a midwife and assistant who were able to guide us through getting her to turn and willing to work with us through such a long labor! I am convinced that if we were in the hospital, we would have ended with a c-section for failure to progress, when we really just needed to change positions!We are feeling much better now that we have had a few hours of sleep.

Oh, and we put everyone to bed for the majority of the labor, but then woke up the twins and Ashley. Here are their thoughts on how it went!

Bailey told me today that she thought it was great and is looking forward to being able to have her own baby one day.

Anna told me it seemed more painful than she thought (I told her that I thought the same thing, and that this really was my hardest ever!), but that it is so worth it to be able to hold such a sweet baby!

During the birth, Ashley announced, "I see her head!" and then later told me she was surprised at just how fast the rest of her came out!


  1. I wonder what I could type or show here that would show me jumping up and down with joy and excitement for you, lol!

    Welcome to the world, little Serenity Faith! We have been waiting for you and the blessing that you are!

    Congrats, Michelle and Chris, Anna, Brianna, Justice, Callie, Bailey and Ashley!!

    Much love from Sweden!

  2. Yeah!!! I have been waiting to here the good news....So glad you have your little girl in your arms and she is of such good size, and healthy....Praise the Lord!

    I hope you get lots of rest to recover from such an ordeal. I am so glad you had a midwife to help you!

  3. She's beautiful! Congrats Michelle and family!I am soooo happy that you made it as far as you did and it sounds like she's doing wonderfully!

    I was just on your blog yesterday wondering where an update was! Looks like you were busy elsewhere :)

  4. She is beautiful Michelle!! I know you wanted to make it to your due month and you got pretty darn close, and she was full-term, woohoo!

  5. Rejoicing in your blessing! She looks a lot like Justice.
    So, I've gotta ask, are you coming to choir tomorrow in true Michelle style?

  6. YAY! Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous!!!!

  7. Oh yeah, and Id like to see a pic of YOU and the baby!! ;)

  8. Big brother and sisters look so excited to finally have her here! Sorry to hear she gave you such a rough time with the delivery, but from the looks of it, she was worth every bit! =)

  9. Congrats! Love those sweet pictures. She is adorable. (And stay home tomorrow!!)

  10. Darling little girl! Congrats! God is good:)

  11. Wow, Michelle, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it again. What a beautiful little girl! I guess we won't try to come over on Sunday to celebrate you making it to your due month:) I can't wait to see her. Looks she is getting lots of love already. You and Chris are so blessed.

  12. Grace,
    I am trying to find someone to take the girls to choir - hoping their dad or grandpa will be up for it. The midwife has me staying in bed as much as possible for 3 days MINIMUM...I am working on it...

    Otherwise, yeah, I feel good enough to take them and would have, lol!

    It will be a mixed blessing if someone can take them because it will mean I am home alone with my 3 youngest...and no helpers...we may have to skip it because of that. I am not supposed to pick up Callie or Justice for at least 2 WEEKS! I don't think I realized just how much I pick them up until I am not able to do so :(

  13. She is beautiful! So glad you held her in as long as you did. Sorry you didn't get the water birth you hoped for. Enjoy your newest edition!

  14. Congratulations Michelle! I am thrilled for all of you! Our children were so excited when I showed them that they were jumping up and down. We are all excited to meet her!

  15. Congratulations! I'm glad you're all doing well! You have a beautiful family!

  16. Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you Michelle! Congratulations. Serenity is so cute! I love all the pics with her siblings. So sweet! :)