Thursday, October 28, 2010

The little ones come to visit Mommy!

I have been in bed now for longer than I normally would have. I realize just how much I actually DO pick up both Callie and Justice...either to hold them, help them onto the changing table, highchair, my bed, on the counter to help make food, etc...I seem to constantly be picking people up! Which makes it hard to not be able to do that right now!

Chris' dad was able to take the older 4 to their piano and choir lessons today. Callie's chiropractor appointment has been rescheduled for a couple weeks out, just to give us time to would have been much harder on him to throw Callie into today's mix of errands, lol!

Chris has been in and out of the house getting Callie and Justice in and out of their beds, making them food, and even took Callie to his office to work with him for a couple hours...after lunch, they got to come in to play with me on my bed!

We read lots of books, played with Serenity (who felt more like she was being harassed or tortured, lol!), played finger games, sang songs...I have missed being with my children the last couple of days! I needed the time with them as much as they needed the time with me!

Serenity took a short nap, and when she woke up, both Justice and Callie went right to her side! It was pretty cute!

Both of them really love their new baby! Callie has a very long attention span when it comes to holding "her new baby!" I don't know just how long she would go yet, but so far, I have had to take Serenity away each time after 30+ minutes of Callie holding her!

Then, Chris was able to come back in to put both Callie and Justice down for afternoon naps. I am so blessed that he is able to work from home! Thank you, my Love, for all of your help today!!!


  1. Michelle, it is awesome that the younger two were able to spend time with you and Serenity all to themselves. Is there anything we can do for you? I made a new hat for Callie. I will get to you the next time we see you. Great to see that you are getting the rest you need. You will heal a lot faster. Take it easy and allow your older ones to do things for you. You have very capable young ladies:).

  2. It sounds like you had a great day, Michelle! It also sounds like Callie might have found a new passion in caring for her little sister. Maybe it will end up being helpful for her in a variety of unexpected ways!

    Keep the updates coming, Serenity is beautiful!