Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Ec. and Christmas...

It is so great being a homeschool family...today, I was really not feeling up to doing our history, science, spelling, grammar, math, social studies or writing assignments that were planned...so I skipped them!

The twins have been wanting to make themselves aprons, so that is what we did instead! We learned about different vocab for sewing, how to read the directions (mostly what they meant, lol!), and started getting their aprons done. They have learned how to measure, iron, work the machine, turn their work, and carefully cut out a pattern...look at how concentrated they both are on their tasks!

They also paved the way for me to get some work done for the middle girls. I am making them some things for Christmas this year, and know I need to get the bulk of it done BEFORE Serenity is here!

Speaking of Christmas...I am now feeling a little more 'ready' for Christmas! I have a plan on what to get each child. I have already been able to get almost 1 item for each of them (they each get 3 things, except for babies, who often get nothing...) if I win the next auction on ebay, I will have 1 item for each child done as well as their ornaments for this year purchased and on their way. That one they will get the Saturday after Thanksgiving to put on the tree this year...I am also very hopeful that I have made serious progress for the big present that will count for 1 for each of my children...If it works out, it will mean I have 1 more thing for (most) of my children to get! I can't really post any of specifics though as my girls like to read my blog!

Basically, it means I have a whole NEW list of things to get done before baby gets here, lol! Here's hoping and praying I have long enough left in this pregnancy to get it all done, lol!

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