Saturday, October 23, 2010


I know, not much creativity with my titles today, I think my creativity is spent, lol!

I woke up Friday morning, feeling wiped out - and that was after a solid 10 hour night! As I got up and moved around, I noticed I was contracting quite a bit...definitely more than I want to be and still make it to my goal of a November baby! I decided to time them and found they were about every 2-5 minutes apart...but they were not overly strong.

I went back to bed with a big cup of water. While laying down, it was a more typical 10-15 minute apart contraction pattern. I ended up needing to stay in bed for the entire day...Each time I tried even sitting up the contractions went to 2-4 minutes, about 1/3rd of them taking my breath away. By the evening, I was having some bloody show (sorry, TMI!), so I decided to give the midwife a call. Her advice is to stay down this weekend, so we can get the Group B Strep test done on Monday at the home visit...otherwise, we will assume I am GBS+ and do the antibiotics, just in case.

Contractions are still definitely there, as I sit here and type, but they are more like 5 minutes apart. 9 more days until my goal. (I have 2 very silly reasons for wanting to make this goal, and one good reason...first, is that we already have an Oct. baby, but we don't have a November baby yet, lol! The 2nd is that with 6 babies I have NEVER made it to my due month, and I would like to at least make my due month at least once! The good reason is that it is better for Serenity to have as long as she can in the womb.) Still hoping and praying to make it that far - but it might mean that we do NOTHING this week...which is a shame, because there are several things I want to finish up before Serenity makes her appearance!

Oh, and I might be on the crabby side of things..."excess" noise from toys and people playing is really getting on my nerves! This is a hard thing in my household, which is very rarely quiet, lol!


  1. I'm praying for you today Michelle. I love seeing the picture on the top of your page showing you made it to the last stage. God is good, and is taking care of you and baby. Praying for a healthy baby weather she comes in October or November. (Hugs)

  2. Hang in there, doll! October or November, as long as the baby is healthy, that's all that matters!

    In any case, you cross your legs and take it easy and I'll cross my fingers, eyes, toes and anything else I can cross and be sending positive vibes and prayers your way!!

    Keep us posted!!

  3. Praying for a November baby for you all:). Relax and do ONLY the necessities,
    i.e. sleeping and eating:) Don't worry about anything, it won't hurt for you to take this time off.

  4. Lanita, I know it shouldn't hurt, but I have an incredible guilt with taking time actually DOES hurt...especially when I look at Callie's chart and see NOTHING was done at all yesterday therapy can wait. They will catch up in no time, but Callie's therapy is a different story...