Monday, October 11, 2010

For the 1st time ever...

I am very happy to report that for the first time ever, all of my children's scrapbooks are up to date! YAY! (I started the scrapbooks a little more than 3 years ago.)

Ashley, Brianna and Justice are caught up to the end of June of this year.

The twins are done through July.

Callie is caught up to the month before her birthday (Sept.) in time to come out at her birthday as part of our celebration!

Other things on my getting ready for Serenity list are also getting done!
- Carseats are all cleaned up, ready to be installed this morning (before we head to the midwife and chiropractor today). This is such a big job! I really dislike having to detail out the carseats! I wonder if anyone else's carseats are as bad as ours :( But it is DONE at least for now! :)
- We got pack 'n play sheets and newborn diapers.
- We got a tarp for under the birth pool
- I made the flannel receiving blankets that I needed.
- DH rearranged our room to make the pack 'n play fit better.
- Pack 'n play is all set up with clean sheet on, ready for Miss Serenity to make her appearance!
- Made a plan for Christmas, and started Christmas shopping!

Still left to do...
- Rearrange all the carseats to put Serenity's seat in the van. Then go through a safety check.
- Finish gathering the last few things for our birthing kit...many of which are really odds and ends! I would like to get a new nightgown that will work well with nursing, we need to rent the pool, get a large fish net, plastic hand mirror, and a drinking water safe hose to fill the pool. We will also need to make our bed for labor (with a thick protective plastic cover over the made bed, then another set of sheets) once labor starts.
- Finish this session of school and hopefully the standardized testing as well...
- Figure out what we are doing for sure for Callie's birthday...I know she would really like a castle cake, but I don't know if I am up for making one, lol! Maybe I could enlist the twins' help...hmmm, that is a good idea...
- Get a few more things for Christmas.

I also really like the picture at the top of Chris holding a sleeping Justice - that is the only reason I included it today!

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  1. Boy, Michelle,
    You have been busy. I am glad you are getting these things done, so hopefully you can relax the last few weeks before Serenity makes her grand entrance:). If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask, I am willing to do anything I can to help out.