Friday, October 8, 2010

Final preparations for baby Serenity

We know we are getting close...

Serenity has had 19 days longer in the womb than Callie. (And has had amniotic fluid for 25 days longer than Callie.)
Serenity has been in the womb 8 days longer than Brianna.
6 more days until she has been in the womb as long as the twins.
15 more days until we can have a home birth with a midwife.
8 more days until we will have an unassisted home birth.
24 more days until my goal of making it to my due month for the first time ever!

There are still a few things we would like to get done before this baby arrives. Such as...
- Clean up carseats (all 5 of them!). ***DONE*** Install them in the van, and get go through a carseat safety check.
- Finish Anna's scrapbook up to July of this year. I only have journalling left to do from 10/07 - 07/10...I kind of thought it was a fun set of dates. The good news on this one is that I have finished Bailey's journalling up to that point, Callie's book is done up to last month (just in time to bring out on Tuesday for her birthday!), Justice, Brianna and Ashley are all done up to June of this year! Anna's book is the last one I have to get set up! Oh, I even purchased a book for Serenity, and wrote her a letter and put her u/s picture in it! So hers is even started! ***DONE*** Ultimately, I would like to get the twins' scrapbooks done up to November of this year for their birthday in December, but I will be very happy just to have them all caught up to the 2nd 1/2 of this year!
- Rearrange our room to make a better space for the pac'n play. ***DONE***
- Purchase Pac'n play sheets...not sure where mine went...though I only had 1, and I would really like to have 3...***DONE***
- Purchase 1 pkg of newborn pampers swaddlers to get through the meconium before using my cloth diapers...I have just heard that the meconium really stains the cloth! ***DONE***
- Finish assembling birth kit - I am about 1/2 way there. ***Now about 3/4 of the way there***
- Make some new flannel receiving blankets (fabric is in the washer now - the girls were very excited to get to pick out fabric yesterday!). ***DONE!***
- I would really like to finish this session of school, which has 3 more weeks to go. And if we could also finish our standardized testing before baby comes, that would be awesome! But that is a matter of time...if we make it through the next 3 full weeks or not - more to get the testing done as well!

I am sure there are other odds and ends...but for now, that is what I can think of! I hope to get lots if not all of these things done by the end of this weekend...we shall see how that goes!

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  1. So close, Michelle. I haven't been commenting much but I am reading. Just been busy!