Friday, October 8, 2010

Callie's (possibly!) last therapy session

Miss Linda came today. She brought the rest of the things she needed to finish Callie's birth to three exit evaluations for her final report. We did a lot of fine motor work today because she did the gross motor part of the test last week.

Either Linda will show up for a last session to go over results on Monday, or they will be mailed to us (if, for whatever reason, Linda happens to not show up...I wouldn't be at all surprised!). I know in some areas, Callie will have tested very well...she always does! Things like cognitive reasoning and expressive and responsive language tend to go very well for her. Other areas are more challenging...such as her fine and gross motor skills. (Though I think she did well on her fine motor skills today! Possibly due to the work we are doing through the neurodevelopmental therapy - very exciting to see!)


  1. She really looks a lot like Brianna in that middle picture.

  2. I love that "VICTORY" look in the last pic, hehehe! She is just a doll!

  3. Grace,
    With all the work I have done in recent months on scrapbooks, Callie has looked through them all. She points to Brianna in her book at Callie's age and says it is Callie. In her book, she points to herself before about 17 months and says "Justice!" Apparently the younger 3 look enough alike that she has no idea, lol! (And there is no reasoning with her - because she KNOWS who it is, lol!)