Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a beautiful (and productive!) fall day!

I woke up this morning, not feeling real well...but I really do not have the time to slack off much right now! So I put on some praise music and started in!

It is currently about 3 pm. We have school done (or shall I say, done enough? We really should do a science lesson tonight, but not sure that we will actually get to it...). We baked some cookies (the twins had to try their new aprons out, lol!). Callie has 31 of 46 activities done for the day (in 2 sessions of therapy. She has another session when she wakes from nap and her last session after dinner. We should get it all done today, YAY!) We played outside in the leaves (and used the leaf blower on the yard, patio and driveway!). We had a picnic lunch outside. My 5th (and final) load of laundry for the day is in the washer now. I went through every one's drawers again, pulled out the really stained and too small things. I have a box ready to go to the van for donation, and a bag ready to go to the garage to be sorted into bins...but will need someone else to lift and carry for me.

Now I am going to get some straightening up done, start dinner and find more material to make a 2nd skirt for the middle girls for Christmas while both of the babies are sleeping. I think I have gone into full blown nesting the last couple days, lol!

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